We do believe in signs. In our book, Have Heart, we refer to them as “God Nods.”  God, in His mercy, allows them to help comfort us and give us hope. They are spontaneous, unexpected, and used by God to say, “Hey, pay attention to this.”

Ultimately, however, we need to find our comfort in God's truth about eternal life in Heaven and in God's love for us and our loved ones who are with Him in Heaven right now.

In an earlier question we discussed Jesus’ Transfiguration in Matthew 17 and the conversations with Moses and Elijah. The event is repeated in Luke’s Gospel (9:28–36). Here we see more details of their visit and conversation. Luke records that they talked about Jesus’ departure (the Greek work is our word for “exodus”). So these saints, who were on a mission from Heaven, understood not only current events but the future as well.  We may get “signs” of their presence. They are alive, they are well, and they are with God, doing what He wills for them to do both in Heaven and on earth.