On a recent trip to NZ I was told there was a man who wanted to meet me, his son Ezra had gone to Heaven. As we talked we discovered that Ezra was born a week before Josiah and went to Heaven a month after Josiah, both as a result of car accidents. We were shocked! Here we were, total strangers living a world apart with such similar stories. We quickly became even more amazed. As I showed Gerald, the now famous picture of Siah with his arms spread open, overlooking water, he was visibly moved and said, "this is uncanny, let me show you something." He proceeded to scroll through his cell phone looking for a picture to show me, when he did, we both sat in utter astonishment. The picture of his Ezra was taken one month before he went to Heaven, within days of when Siah did. Ezra had his arms spread open, overlooking water. That's a God Nod!